2013-2014 Annual Reports

WBC Annual Report 2013-14

Here are links to the Annual Reports from Windham Baptist Church 2013-2014:



Teaching Them to Obey

The gospel is the power of God for salvation – justification, sanctification, and glorification. We were saved, we are being saved, and we will one day be finally saved. Christianity is not about rule following – we don’t earn our approval from God. Jesus made a way for us to repent, believe the gospel, and follow Jesus.

So how does this all work in Christian parenting? Does the gospel get in the way of calling our two year old to obey us? Owen Strachen (a Maine boy) pulled together a brief post that helps answer that question.


23 Signs You’re Secretly An Introvert

23 Signs You’re Secretly An Introvert

At Windham Baptist Church we love introverts! We certainly have enough of them – and we thank God for making you the way He made you.

One thing we need to remember – our personality never gives us an excuse to sin. We are made by God to be led by God. So an introvert led by the Spirit is an incredible resource, but an introvert can also be under the control of the flesh.

What is a Missional Community?

Our friends at Soma Communities have helped us a lot. Here’s a two minute video explaining what a missional community is – perhaps it will help you.

If we’ve been c…

If we’ve been called to represent the character of God, we need to reevaluate how we think about his anger. Sometimes we can treat God’s anger like the embarrassing uncle in our extended family. It’s as if we’re working hard to keep this attribute of God away from public exposure. Are we secretly worried about causing undue embarrassment to the family of faith? We’re tempted to act as if anger were the dark side of God’s character. – Paul Tripp

How in the world can God’s anger be one of God’s most beautiful characteristics? Check out this post by Paul Tripp.


God’s Word Changes Us – Thankfully

Facebook is not very good for the soul. It’s fun to connect and see some pictures. We can touch base with our family spread across the miles. But Facebook has some real drawbacks, too. Let’s highlight one – Facebook doesn’t give us much hope. At least, its not always the hope we need. 

I guess it is easy for people to say what they think we want to hear when we feel blue. But we were made for so much more – for real hope.

Don’t give up Facebook (not necessarily). Be sure your have God’s word with you. Not just on your phone, but where it does its deepest work – in the heart. 

David Mathis of Desiring God suggests “Ten Gospel Verses to Keep Warm”. These are brief verses that we can grab hold of easily – they are short but, oh so powerful.

When you memorize a “gospel verse,” and keep it warm, you have hidden in your heart a divinely inspired and inerrant expression, in human language, of the very point of the whole Bible and all of history. You carry with you the sword of the Spirit in its strongest alloy. One-sentence encapsulations of the Bible’s central message strengthen our spiritual backbone and solidify our core, rooting us deep down in the bedrock of God’s heart and the nature of the world he made, and sending us into confident combat with unbelief, whether our own or someone’s else. “Gospel verses” are invaluable in both evangelism and discipleship.

So, alongside other Scripture memorization efforts, sprinkle in some “gospel verses” that guide and shape and flavor your whole reservoir. By “gospel verses,” we have in mind verses like John 3:16 (don’t begrudge this verse its fame — it’s for good reason), verses that communicate succinctly that Jesus saves sinners.

Wonder which verses he suggests? You can find them here.


Talking about Same-sex Marriage With Our Children

It’s been all over the news, so you’re children have probably heard something about it. Whether its the local news reporting about the Supreme Court, or the national news celebrating that a straight actress from Hollywood finally proposed to her boyfriend last night, or a Facebook post decrying the evils of society, our kids catch way more than we think… at way younger ages than we realize.

So how do we discuss the same-sex marriage debate with our children? Dr. Johnny Moore has a brief but helpful article you should read.

“How Should You Explain the Same-Sex Marriage Debate to Your children?”