Resources for Parents and Young Adults

I found out about two resources today that might be helpful to you.  Ted Tripp’s book, Shepherding a Child’s Heart was recommended to me by some of the parents of our congregation when Kaitlyn and Mark Jr. were born.  If you have not read it, it will be a challenge and a joy.  Tripp helps us to see that conformity is not the Biblical goal of parenting – we want to have children whose hearts are tender toward Christ – since the heart is the wellspring of life.  WBC has a copy of the “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” video series, featuring the author presenting this information in 8 sessions (Thanks Scott and Becky!)

Well, Ted Tripp has released a new, compaion book entitled, Instructing a Child’s Heart.  Tim Challies has provided a review of the new book that might prove useful. .

A second (or is that third) resource is a Focus on the Family presentation called “The Boundless Show”, an audio version of thier webzine for singles and young adults.

We would love to have some of you comment on these resources, for the good of our community – so go ahead, hit the comments link.


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