Releasing Rather Than Taking Control

Last Sunday we listened to Jesus teaching on discipleship and stewardship in Luke 9:57-62. Luke relates Jesus’ interactions with three different men, and gives us a clearer picture of what it means to be a Christ-follower.

  • The first man Jesus talks to (vv. 57-58 ) volunteers to leave it all and follow Him. But he is given a warning: following Jesus means living as a stranger and facing rejection.
  • The second man is called by Jesus to follow (vv. 59-60). When he provides a “best” excuse, Jesus warns him that his life calling is to preach the kingdom of God.
  • The final figure offers to follow Jesus but longs to say farewell to those he loves first (vv. 61-62). The warning he receives reminds us that Christ calls us to love Him more than our family (Mt. 10:37).


As followers of Christ these warnings ring clear to us – all of us are called to love-driven sacrifice. These are not for some “varsity” form of Christian; they are for all who name the name of Jesus as their Savior. We cannot live for the comforts that our society loves, or for the power and acceptance that others enjoy. Our calling to our community is different. We don’t live to fit in (assimilate) or protect my group (exploit) – we live to serve.

Our desire is that we would be so transformed by Christ and His work on the cross and His resurrection that we would be a different kind of people who live out what it means to be the church all the time, verses people who just attend a service and call that church.


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