Mother Daughter Dinner

What:     A special evening for the ladies of our church.

When:     Saturday, May 10 at 5:30pm.

Where:   Windham Baptist Church

Get a copy of the flyer here.

Please Sign up!

Come with your mother or daughter, grandmother or adopt a younger girl or friend, neighbor to be your “date” for the evening. If you need ideas on who to adopt feel free to contact Elisa at the church office, for some ideas. Angie Elder and Tracy Gedicks will be at the back of the sanctuary, this Sunday, May 4th to sign you up.

Please Bring a Dessert!

This dessert could be one that you and your daughter “agree on” or can make together to share with everyone.

Please Dress up!

We want you to have fun with your daughter, mother, friend or aunt and dress up for the evening! There may be a prize for the best matched duet!

Please Show up!

Join us from 5:30 to 7:30 for dinner and fun!

 Special project you can help us with!
Please email Tracy Gedicks, the following: (Please note: We will read some and post others.

  1. Share, in a few words, a fun, silly or encouraging memory, past or present you cherish from life with your parent or child.
  2. Write down for us, one or a couple character qualities you are thankful your mother passed on to you or you are striving to pass on to your daughter (or son).

PLEASE GET THESE TO ME ASAP! I need time to read through them prior to Saturday evening! Thanks!

Here’s a great way to minister to the ladies here at WBC: We need your help in one of two areas at the dinner.

  • Josh Foster is heading up our dinner prep for the ladies and he will need a few more hands to help him. Please be at the church by 5:00 PM to assist him. You should be done by 6PM, if not before. Thank you!*
  • Dave Riegel is heading up the clean up after the dinner. Please be at the church by 7:45 PM to assist him. The more people we have the faster the work will be done. Thank you!*
*We will be looking for a show of hands of those who will be able to commit to help in these areas on Sunday.



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