Geoff is in Montreal!

Hello Friends and family! I drove to Montreal this Monday, the drive was excellent, praise God for safety and beautiful weather

Praise God for my comfortable apartment and wonderful room to live in, I ride my bike downtown and it only takes 15-20 minutes.

Praise God for my roommate Andre. Andre is from Brazil, he’s very passionate about Jesus…and just about everything, he’s an exciting guy. My other roommate is Guillaume, pray for him, I met him a couple times last year I think, but I haven’t seen him yet this week, Andre hasn’t seen him since last Thursday, but he’s around. Pray that God would give Andre and I opportunities to share the gospel with Guillaume.

Praise/prayer for Tony and our ministry team. Tony and I are off to a great start working together and enjoying God’s work.

Pray for safety in a city full of temptations for the body and eyes.

Pray for diligence, discipline, devotion, encouragement, peace, love…

Here are some ways to keep in touch with me:


Praise God for family and friends like you, thanks for your love and support.


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