Update on the Gordon’s

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to give you a real quick update on the Gordon’s.  We’ve gotten moved and somewhat settled in our new house. (Yeah!) Everyone is doing great and can’t wait for school to be out so the kids will be here all the time, then the move will be complete. I’ve attached some pictures of the outside of the house.  I’ll send some of the inside another time.  (Let me get everything set up first.)  The baby is doing fine and kicking me all the time, especially when I want to go to sleep!  :0)  I’ll try to scan the ultrasound pic so I can send that along too.

Here’s our new contact information:

     Address: 133 Market Ln, Canton, GA 30114

     Home Phone: (678)880-7566

     Cell Phone:

  • Tish: since I’m working from home, we’re not sure if I need one anymore.  So you can reach me at home just about anytime.
  • Dave: (207) 310-3138

     Email: (same as before)

Blessings to you all,




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  1. […] keep praying for the Gordon’s as a family. Praise God for their new home. Remember to bring them before our faithful, loving, multiplying God as their pregnancy […]


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