Teen Sunday

Hello Church!

We are looking forward to another Teen Sunday this year and it’s very exciting! It’s great to see how God is working among us and raising up teens who are serving well and passionately as a part of the church body! Please don’t forget to be praying for our teens this sunday as they take on all of the responsibilities that come with leading our gathered worship!

Pray that the teens will exult in the Lord as the lead worship! Pray that they will draw near to the cross, finding their strength and assurance in who they are in Christ. Pray for Nick Gerry. He will be preaching and has been studying hard to bring the Word of God faithfully to us. 

Following is a list of Seniors that we will be recognizing on Sunday morning. Pray for them as they are graduating and following God’s leading into the next stages of life.

                April Irish, Josh Irish, Alyssa McElroy, Alyssa Dunfee, Ashley Foster, Theresa Sepulveda, Whitney Feeney, Aaron Flint, Travis Ward, Cody Winde, Josiah Knights

We look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday morning! Thank you for your prayers!

Sola Gratia,

-Matt Dyer


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