The women’s Sunday school class is studying a few of the Psalms. The Psalms are songs of praise from the heart. Part of the study takes each of us into a world of writing. I’ve asked the ladies to write a “Psalm” each week from their own experiences and to share them with others. My hope is that these “Psalms” will direct you to a loving Savior and initiate a desire within you to write a psalm.


The Wayward Child”
I say worry and fret anxiety fill

You say calm my child peace be still

I say progress achievement accomplish

You say patience dependence relinquish

I say selfish pride full control

You say humble meekness to extol. ~M~


I praise you God for your great power that raised Jesus from the dead and for

Your power that took this spiritually dead person and made me alive,

And for your power that strengthens me daily to live a life that is

Pleasing to you and when I falter and disobey, your power

Convicts, forgives, and sets me on the right path again~

Thanks for loving me. ~AA~


Where Shall I Trust?

Do not fear, O my soul.

Times of fear worry and despair

Are more than I have shared.

Do not fear, O my soul.

Times of hurt, and loneliness

are very near.

Do not fear, O my soul,

For I have an inheritance greater than gold.

In Jesus I shall moment by moment lay my trust.

At times, it will be a battle to lay my trust with you,

At times, I will cry from the deepest spot in my soul for you.

For I know in you, I shall lay my trust,

For in you my soul shall not fear. ~E~


One response to this post.

  1. Hey, great job ladies. I am so encouraged that you were willing to encourage my faith today by sharing your hearts. I love the trust that is encouraged and the Christ-centeredness of your hearts! May God bless us with more psalms to share. I prase our great God for you.


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