Why did we read through the ENTIRE letter to Titus?

This past Sunday during gathered worship we read through the entire letter to Titus. Why would we spend so much time on that? 

Because we aim to be a truth-saturated people! We don’t want to be merely a group of Jesus’ followers who say they value God’s Word. We want to actually live it together and model it for others. Across the nation today very little Scripture is read publicly, (ironically) by churches where the authority and sufficiency of Scripture is taught. We don’t want to go there!

The bottom line is that for our times of gathered worship to be truly Christian, to be truly Biblical we must read the Bible. It is God’s Word after all.

Our goal is for the entire service to be Word-centered because we cannot speak, think, pray, or sing rightly to or about God until He first speaks to us! If we really want to know God and want to hear His voice, we will continue to follow the advice from a guy named Paul:

“Devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture” (1 Timothy 4:13)!


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