Summer Bible Club Update

Summer Bible Club was a blast this year along with many blessings that God let us see. God’s work before, during, and after SBC is enormous. We’ll never be able to understand or see His massive work outwardly or inwardly in the hearts of the children, staff, family, and friends.

    As I share with you some of the joys that were revealed during SBC, please join me in praise and honor to God for His gracious gifts.

    It was a joy to team up and work with our brothers and sisters at Windham Assembly of God. Jesus spoke these words, “They’ll know you are my disciples by your love for one another”.  With WAG and WBC working as one, it became evident that God was uniting our hearts in love for Christ, each other, and the children.

    Praise the Lord for the terrific weather!!! Each evening the children were able to have snacks and games outside except on Wednesday. Although the sky was stormy, the gym provided shelter and plenty of room for the children to run and play.

    I praise God for answering a couple of specific prayers. Many of us asked God to “energize” the staff. There is an abundance of excitement on days one and two of SBC, but by day three it can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenging to be enthusiastic. All praise to God as He met the needs of the volunteers by sustaining them daily with His POWER of grace, mercy, love, enthusiasm, and kindness. This was evident in a variety of ways. Some of the staff experienced difficult circumstances throughout the week, however, at 6:00 pm, God ignited the volunteers hearts and BOOM; warm smiles, hugs, letters of thanks, moments of sharing how a child’s day went, and introducing friends to group leaders and assistants were constant reminders that ONLY a great loving, caring, God was at work in hearts and sustaining each child and worker with “energy”. One other specific prayer was answered. We asked God to draw these children into His kingdom to live forever with Jesus. By God’s mercy and grace at least eight young people let Jesus be their King and were forgiven.

    Praise God with me as we enjoyed 85-94 little people each evening. Their “ENTHUSIASM” to be at Power Lab was contagious. The kids had a difficult time being patient in line waiting to register each evening. They wanted to be in the gym singing songs about what God has done for them. The music pointed each individual to Christ, we all were strengthen with God’s truth that He is all powerful, our Savior and hope, and He is always with us in every calm or storm. Praise God for the fun games and crazy experiments. Each separate component of SBC led the children to the precious promises of God. The music, Bible lesson, verses, snacks, games, experiments, craft, mission moment, or Chadder’s resonated to each child’s senses of who God is and what He has done.

    Finally, the children were ministered to throughout the week, but they were challenged to minister to others. Many kids wrote thank you’s to family, friends, or SBC staff, some verbally said thank you, while others wrapped their little arms around you. Some children gave their money to the mission’s project while others invited friends and neighbors.

    I’m humbled by the work of an awesome God who plans things for our good because of His great and perfect love. Praise the Lord with me, as we meditate on His goodness. 

    I praise the Lord for the honor to serve and labor with volunteers from WBC and WAG. Many thanks to my “fellow laborers and ambassadors” in the name of Christ. I pray the Lord’s richest blessings upon you.  

In His service,

Elisa Dunfee


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