Faith Stimulus Rebate: Update

Join us this Sunday, July 27, @ 11am for our Faith Stimulus Rebate Update.

I can’t wait to hear how you’ve been investing your summer and how your “Rhythm Living” is going!  Our goal has been to re-invest our time, especially on Sundays, to live out our Identity (who we are)—Family, Missionaries, Servants, Learners—through our Rhythms (how we live)—Eat, ReCreate, Listen, Bless, Story-formed, and Celebrate.

So we want to hear how things have been going and what sorts of opportunities you’ve had or made to be Missionaries to your nonChristian neighbors and friends by recreating, eating, and blessing them.

We also want to hear about you’ve taken advantage of living our Identity as God’s Family by intentionally spending time with one another!

Some come ready to share your stories. BUT also come with your questions and the challenges that you’ve faced. None of us have this all figured out. It’s so much easier just “going to church” than “being the church.” But I believe that all of us truly want to be faithful followers of Jesus. Let’s help each other by attending this Sunday!

Parents there will be a children’s program downstairs available during this time! Hurray!!!

Here’s the run-down:

Who: You!

What: Your stories, questions and challenges about Rhythm Living

Where: WBC Gathering Place

When: Sunday, July 27, 11AM

How: Here’s some things to think about for Sunday…

  • Have you identified 3 people you need to connect with outside the church? Inside the church?
  • What steps have you taken? What rhythms have you been living out?
  • What particular things are your God-ordained responsibility when it comes to living out your faith as God’s Family and as God’s Missionaries?
  • What are you concerned about when it comes to Rhythm Living that you’re trusting God to accomplish?

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