Vacation or Work?

Praise God, the Otte’s are back. The first thing I figure most people will want to ask them is, “How was the vacation?”

In case you missed it, Josh served down at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary for their Spurgeon Sabbatical from July 21st through 30th. When that ended, they headed south as a family – Heidi and Zechariah visited with friends in PA while Josh traveled to Maryland to attend the Worship God conference presented by Sovereign Grace Ministries.

This was definitely not vacation. Months ago Josh approached the council of elders with these two opportunities: one where he would serve the Kingdom and the other where he would be equipped to serve. Having prayerfully considered, the elders response was to be generous toward the kingdom of God and share Josh with other churches for their encouragement and help.

  • I am so glad that, though we are not a large gathering, we are influential because we are instruments in the Redeemer’s hand. God uses us for other’s good.
  • I am even more thankful that, as a body, you are willing to joyfully sacrifice as you encourage and release our people to do good to others. The gospel is freeing us from the tendencies to be self-concerned and “me” driven.

Pray for Josh, as he re-enters. The demands of ministry do not stop, even while you are serving others. There will be many e-mails to respond to and calls to return. After working twelve hour days for two weeks straight – this will come as a welcome relief; it’s good to be home, ministering with family to family.


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