What Was Montreal Like?

Dear Church,

It is with great joy to share a small but huge part of Montreal with you. The WBC Montreal team included Mark, John Shively, Chris and Aurimar Forbes, Anne-Marie Murch, and myself. What a terrific group. We enjoyed eating together, sharing together, challenging one another, laughing together and ministering together in the name of Jesus. I have been blessed and changed spiritually after this past weekend. God used a variety of means to point me to Himself as being everything I need and in Him, leading me to believe that I shall not have want of anything.

Check out the pictures from Montreal 2008

Due to time, I’ll share one instance of how I saw God working. Part of the ministry on the streets of Montreal was to pass out tracks. Please try not to judge me, but I haven’t passed out tracks in years and I was not to keen on the whole idea. As we began this part of the ministry on Thursday, it became evident in my heart that I was becoming hardened by complaining and pride. I thank the Lord for graciously showing me my sin, bringing me to repentance and spurning me on to good works in His name. By Saturday evening I was passing out tracks but not to the 50 or so people who passed by. The Lord led me to a quieter section of the street where I offered a track to a woman. She graciously accepted and I turned to walk away. She approached me and asked what the tract was about. I told her that it was about how to become a follow of Jesus. She began to cry and she relayed to me how her life had gone terribly bad and out of control and she was at the end. She had just stood there and prayed to God that if he would somehow let her know that He was there. We cried together at that moment and I began to share the love of Jesus with her. She was quite persistent to know Jesus at that moment. She told me that earlier that day, two Jehovah Witnesses had come to her door. She kept asking them to tell her about Jesus and they insisted on speaking only of Jehovah. I told her that Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father but through Me.” She said that she had learned that as a child and only wanted to know Jesus. I asked her if she’d like to know how to know Jesus and she willingly let me walk her through the track, “New Life”. As she listened intently to the truths of God’s word, she shared her story with me.

Vanita, grew up in India. Her father and mother were of the Hindu faith. Around the age of 9, Vanita’s dad, began to follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Her words, “My father followed Jesus and the village turned their back on him and would not buy or sell to him. We became very poor. My dad began to drink. My mother died at the age of 12 and my father left us to go live in the Philippines. The Catholic orphanage took us in and taught me words about God and Jesus. I prayed to God for years and read the gospels sometimes. I really wanted to know God and Jesus, I don’t understand how. My family are still Hindu. My husband and children do not believe in Jesus. But I know He is real.”

At the end of the track, there are two circles which represent our lives. One circle has the words with ‘me’ in the middle surrounded by fear, lonely, frustrated, and empty. The other has Christ in the center with joy, love, pardoned and eternal life. I asked Vanita which circled represented her life and she pointed to the “Me” circle and replied, “But, I want to have Christ, I want to live with Him.” The last page of the tract had a short prayer to invite Jesus to be your Savior. I read this part to Vanita and I asked her if she’d like to pray this prayer. Her response, “Can I pray to Jesus myself?” With great joy I witnessed a broken needy sinner who desired to be with Jesus and have hope and new life and trusted Christ to be her Savior. I, too, at that moment rejoiced in Jesus as my Savior who saved a broken needy sinner, me.

Please pray for Vanita as she begins her path of following Jesus. It will be quite an adventure for her. Pray for her to know and experience the great love God has for her and that she would be found faithful and persevere in her walk. Vanita and I are corresponding through email. Praise God for technology and that people in their 40’s can use it. J

I’m filled with so many wonderful things to share with my family. Thank you for praying for us.

A joyful laborer in Christ,

Elisa Dunfee


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