Its been one week since…

We all like to measure how long we have endured or enjoyed certain things in our lives (it is all about perspective on that one). For Jess and myself, we have been here in Sherbrooke for one week now. When we arrived, I was anticipating an entirity of french. But that was not the case.

For the first week, all the language school students are on campus without the Bible school students, which in essence means that we have been able to enjoy our mother tongue a little bit longer. But today, yes today, marks the day when English is not supposed to be spoken any longer. I am pumped!

God has been so good in this transition thus far for me. Since I am starting at a level that shows some comprehension of the language, the staff and students have been speaking with me in French as much as possible this past week anyways. We went to two French services this week, and this morning, for the first time in my French career (if you want to call it a career), I understood most of what was being spoken about. I am now thinking about things in French and not just translating them in my head, which for any of you who have had to acquire a new language you understand me about my excitement on this.

I am here with many people that are called to go to places where they will be serving as foreign missionaries, which is exciting to me as I look for places to encourage them with the gospel in whatever path that God might lead them with that.

Today, all the students arrive, which means chaos (because it equals an invasion of people that do not speak English!). But I truly am excited for this. Jess is doing well, despite the fact that she does not understand very much of what is going on. Yesterday we watched Ratatouille in French because we are trying to make this whole learning thing as fun as we can. But please pray for her as she really desires to understand this so that she can minister to the French people of Montréal. Also, the studying is very rigorous here and can easily bring frustration. We need to be studying and interacting with French about six or seven hours minimum. For someone that never really had to study (me) and someone that does not like to study (Jess), you can see where this could be a problem. But the grace of God is greater than our need to comprehend the French language – so we are confident in His power.

Please lift us up often in prayer. When you do not understand what someone is trying to tell you (even though it is in English), remember us in prayer because often we do not understand what people are trying to tell us. When you are confused with how to write a sentence, please ask God to help us understand how to write well in French. I have been all over the place in this post, but I just wanted to quickly get out some thoughts. Within the next week or two, I will send out a formal (whatever that is) prayer letter-type-thing.

Pray also that we do not miss the cross in the midst of all this newness and lack of time. We want Jesus more than we want French, so please labor in prayer that we, as well as yourselves, would endeavor to thirst and hunger for our living God who is the Source of all good things.

We love you, and are praying for the specific needs that are taking place back home (with you) right now, and trust that God is able to comfort our friends during times where the only thing that we can do is acknowledge that God is great, good, gracious and seeking His glory! May we glorify Him by enjoying Him forever!


Undeservingly Enabled — Dwight (and Jess)


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