Update from the Gordon’s

Dear Family,

We recieved a nice update from Dave and Tish Gordon.  We praise God for our family that is here and “away”.  Let us continue to pray for one another as we walk in the Lord.

Tish writes:

“Anna-Kate and I both are doing great – as is the rest of the family.  I started back to work on Monday of this week.  That’s going really well so far.  Until they start to give me more work anyway.  But I have a friend from Maine thats coming down tomorrow to stay for a week and she’ll be an extra set of hands to help out while I get adjusted to working with a new baby too.  Dave is busy working two jobs right now.  He’s working as a customer rep at Best Buy part time and trying to get a career off and running selling insurance with Aflac.

Dave and I haven’t had the opportunity to type it all up to let you all know about Anna-Kate’s condition.  First and foremost, she is the cutest and the best baby and God’s perfect creation!  She was born with hip dysplasia.

If you don’t already know about it, it’s a very minor condition (and very common in girls) where her hip bones slide in and out of the socket easily. Luckily, when you’re first born the socket is not completely formed but finishes growing around the ball joint within the next few months of life, while (usually, but not in her case) ligaments hold it in place. Having had it caught early like this allows us the opportunity to correct it without surgery – YEAH! The treatment is fairly simple in that she has to wear a harness/sling called the Pavlik Harness (for a picture of what it looks like go to – Developmental Dysplasia of the HIP (DHH) that holds her legs in a specific placement, while the socket is growing around the ball joint. She has been wearing it full time since she was a week old, and in a few weeks they will look at her hips again under ultrasound and determine if she can start to wear it less to wean her off or if she needs to wear it 24/7 a bit longer. Her Orthopedist is about an hour from our house and she has visits every 2 to 3 weeks to measure progress and re-fit the harness as she grows. Her Pediatrician is also watching her closely to make sure she doesn’t develop any type of condition that might make her more uncomfortable. Conditions that might usually get simply shrugged off, such as a runny nose, spitting up a lot, not sleeping, etc, he wants to treat before they become cumbersome for her cope with on top of being in the harness. So she sees him every two weeks while in the harness. So she is in the best care and we are confident in both doctors that are monitoring her.  We praise God that this was caught early on.  My mother had the same thing (it can be hereditary – so in our case it probably is) and she had to have a complete hip replacement at the age of 45 due to excruciating pain that it had been causing her.  Anna-Kate will never have to deal with that because of a doctor in the hospital that caught it in time. PRAISE, PRAISE!!

Here are a few pictures of her and Mason and Kailey that we had made at Sears when she was less than a week old.  :0) I shrank them, so hopefully they don’t bog down your email.

Missing you all so much and can’t wait for our first trip back ‘home’ to Maine to see all of you! Give our love to everybody and keep the updates and emails coming.  We love to hear about how people are doing and what’s going on with the church.  I even listen to some of Marks messages online, when I have time. 🙂Love and blessings to you,Tish.


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