WBC Financial Update

Since we are a family, I wanted to let you know where our finances stand. As is true for many businesses and households, money has become increasingly tight. Dave Murch said it this way – basically, “the funds that we were expecting to show up (from past experience) in September and October haven’t shown up”. Our weekly giving has been down nearly $1000 a week. As you might expect, September and October just happen to be times when some large payments are scheduled (insurance, worker’s comp.) and ministry expenses kick in (Sunday School curriculum, Boulevards, Fall retreat, etc.).

So where does this put us? The bottom line is that we are not seeing enough money coming in to meet our base expenses.

What does that mean? Financially we are past the point where it is difficult to pay for things like salaries, utilities, office, kitchen and bath supplies – this also includes our missionary support. Right now our missionaries have not been paid for September or October. Some of you are experiencing the same difficulties in your workplaces. You’re seeing your company have to lay off workers for the first time in its history. It is an easy time for people to begin to give in to fear.

So what should we do?

First and foremost, we need to continue to trust our Great and Generous Provider Dad. Even before sin entered the world, mankind was made to depend on God. When we do He is glorified and we are blessed. Our confidence in His overflowing mercy is finds its ground in the fact that God gave His Son to meet our deepest need when we had nothing of worth to contribute. Remember, God already lived in fullness of joy, wealth of love, infinite happiness, and eternal supply. So what benefit did Jesus derive from dying? Not a thing. What this means is that Jesus came into the world and died on a cross to deal – not for what He could gain from us, but for all that He had to give to us. And if He would come and die for us, paying the bill our sins deserve in full, why wouldn’t He also provide the other things we need (Romans 8:32).

We need to live within what He provides and rejoice that it is more than enough. At this point that means that we will need to make some difficult decisions – thankfully we will get to do that as a family. Some will be the same as what you are already doing at your house: turn the thermostats down a degree or two, turn off unused lights and appliances, evaluate what services we need and which we can do without… you get the idea. Others will be more difficult. We need to wrestle with cuts in salaries, or dropping a position, or reducing or even dropping our missionary support.

Pray. We need wisdom to know what our Father wants us to do. How is He working? How is He using such difficult times for our good?

Finally, live like Jesus in a world of hurt. If we are feeling the pinch here, aren’t your neighbors? Times like these open doors for the church to be the church! If we pull in and circle the wagons and assure the survival of our clan, we deny the gospel. But if we continue to reach out to those in need the way Jesus did – not for our benefit, but because we have so much to give – we will authenticate the gospel. Our calling is not to provide a hand out that gives them a leg up, our calling is to eat and drink with those in need (even if we don’t have much more than them, or less) and share with them the one who freely gave His Son for them. This goes both in the church and outside the church.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I just wanted to pass along to you a praise – this weekend our general fund offering was over $5,000.00! This does not remove our need completely, but it shows what a giving and loving people you are.

    On top of that over $1000.00 came in for the Wrecking.

    Praise God for being our Great Provider – and parise Him that He moves people, even in difficult economic times to give generously. That’s not natural – it’s supernatural!


  2. […] Meetings’ but why do that when we’re a family, not a business?!) As Mark wrote in his WBC Financial Update and reminded us Sunday, the financial challenges that we are all too familiar with in our homes and […]


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