New Sunday School Classes

This Sunday our new Sunday School Classes are beginning. Here’s a sneak peek.

“Gathered and Scattered Worship”  WBC Class
Why do we do what we do on Sunday mornings? How does “gathered worship” on Sunday impact “scattered worship” throughout the week?
Location: Upstairs, Gathering Place Leader: Pastor Josh

“Women of the Word: Fickle & Foolish or Faithful & Fruitful?” Ladies’ Class
What kind of women do we find in the Bible? What kind of woman are you? Learn how to be faithful and fruitful.
Location: Downstairs, Conference Room Leader: Sara Carrier and Elisa Dunfee

“Don’t Waste Your Life”  Men’s Class
Many people simply live for comfort and pleasure. We will challenge each other to live and die boasting in the cross of Christ and making the glory of God your singular passion.
Location: Upstairs, Foyer Leader: Pastor Mark

Grades 9-12 choose one of the three adult classes.

“James: Faith Works” Grades 5-8
Learn what it looks like to apply the gospel to all of life from the letter of James.
Location: Downstairs, Double Door Classroom Leader: Matt Dyer and SnL Staff


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