Ministry to the Gedicks family

Mark and Tracy are entering a new season of their lives together. We are joyful that God causes love and goodness to pour out of our lives to minister to others for His name to be praised. Josh Foster will be the ministry coordinator connecting the Gedicks’ needs to the body of Christ. He can be contacted at

There will be specific needs for the Gedicks as Tracy goes through chemo. Meals, childcare, rides, and house cleaning are just a few that we know at this time. The ladies listed below will be the coordinators for the specific needs mentioned.

  • Cindy Irish: House cleaning
    • vacuuming
    • dusting
    • laundry  
  • Sue Grant: Childcare/Rides
    • picking Mark & Kaitlyn up off the bus
    • preparing dinner
    • Help with homework, getting them ready for church or other events
    • rides to and from doctors visits 
  • Lyn Valcourt: Meals
    • preparing meals
    • delivering meals 

If you are available to help minister to the Gedicks, please contact the person overseeing that need.  Thank you for being loving servants as you bless those in need.


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