Sharing a Need

Below is an email we received from New England Fellowship, Rumney, NH. Over the years God has worked through the ministries of Rumney and White Mountain Ranch to powerfully influence the lives of many in New England for the sake of the gospel. It has been a joy for us to benefit from their ministry as well as partner with them in it. Please pray for our extended family as they go through a difficult financial storm. Pray that our Lord Jesus would be their treasure and they would see Him as their ultimate Provider.

Please consider whether God would have you give to support this ministry.


The NEF has weathered many storms. However, we now find ourselves in the financial “Perfect Storm.”In the past, we have been able to respond to shortfalls by borrowing money or selling property to cover operational deficits. Unfortunately, even if we wanted to pursue those options at this time, national economic and credit market conditions preclude us from taking such steps.

The situation is dire at NEF. The Finance Committee and Executive Committee both agree that our condition MAY dictate that we pursue drastic legal options in the near future if our situation does not change.

As of Thursday, January 15, we have taken the following steps:
·    Laid off all hourly employees
·    Laid off 50% of our paid salaried staff, specifically:

  • Joe Dodge- Maintenance Director
  • Bill Downing-Food Service Director
  • Brian Smoker-White Mountain Ranch Director

·    Suspended all Snow Camp volunteer stipends
·    Limited all purchases to “emergency only”

Will you give $100 today to help us meet our short-term obligations?

 ~Of course a gift in any amount will be welcomed and appreciated ~
God has worked through you in the past as you have responded to the needs of this ministry. I am confident that He will supply the resources again during this time.
Thank you in advance for your prayerful and sacrificial support. We look forward to seeing God’s Hand as we attempt to navigate these “treacherous waters.” God is faithful and His Will shall be done.

Yours in Christ,

Ken Dorothy, Chairman
And the NEF Board of Directors

P.S. If you have any questions, please email me at my personal email address:  kadorothy@yahoo.comRumney Bible Conference/White Mountain Camps | Route 25 | PO Box 599 | Rumney | NH | 03266 



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