Theresa’s Going to Guatamala

Below is a note from Theresa S. about her upcoming, short-term mission trip to Guatamala.

Dear church family,

I hope this letter finds you doing well. I’m writing to tell you I have an exciting opportunity to be part of a team of 13 people participating in a mission outreach to Guatemala this March 22-30. These teams specialize in work projects, medical help and bringing Christ’s message of hope and healing to the people of Central America.

In Guatemala, the organization we will be working with is Jungle Medic Missions. Please visit their website at Jungle Medic Missions. Our host, Bryan, is a native Mainer who moved to Guatemala ten years ago to begin this ministry. Jungle Medic Missions is a very exciting medical outreach to the Mayan Indians, a poor and discriminated against population in Guatemala that receives little or no medical care. The average family there makes less than $50 a week but families in the jungle would be lucky to earn half that. Jungle Medic Missions strives to reach these people in their remote villages by bus, boat and off-road vehicle to bring them hope and healing in the form of primitive clinics. We may see a thousand people in one day!

By God’s grace, we believe that we will be assisting those whom we meet by not only meeting their physical needs, but also by sharing God’s love for them. They are truly grateful and in awe that we would leave our comfortable country to help them. To be granted this opportunity to travel and minister is a great honor and I cannot begin to express how excited I am. The 8 days spent in Guatemala will prove to be both rewarding and challenging, but the hardest part for me will be learning to trust in God and his will throughout this whole experience.

I thank you for your willing and continued prayer support of missionaries. As I go to Guatemala this March, I am asking for your prayer in the following areas:

  • The mission team (made up of members from LifeChurch in Gorham and the USM Intervarsity Christian Fellowship), that we may serve as one body.
  • That God would give us a heart of love for the people of Guatemala and an ability to serve with courage and humility.
  • That God would touch the hearts of the people we serve, and that we may show or tell them the Gospel in any way possible.
  • Safe travel.
  • That, on our return, we might easily make the transition between serving the people of Guatemala and serving our churches and communities in Maine.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter. Your prayer will be greatly appreciated.

In Christ,
Theresa S.


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