New Classes Starting Up

Our new Sunday School Classes begin this week! Here’s a sneak peek.

“New Testament Overview”  WBC Class
Learn how the Gospels and Letters of the New Testament complete God’s Redemption Story begun in the Old Testament. Get a handle on the message of the whole NT. Let the gospel of King Jesus and his Kingdom define your life.
Location: Upstairs, Gathering Place Leader: Pastor Josh

“Women of the Word: Fickle & Foolish or Faithful & Fruitful?”  Part 2 Ladies’ Class
What kind of women do we find in the Bible? What kind of woman are you? Learn how to be faithful and fruitful.
Location: Downstairs, Conference Room Leader: Sara Carrier and Elisa Dunfee

Grades 9-12 choose one of the two adult classes.

“How to Deepen Our Relationship with God” Grades 5-8
Learn how to hear from, trust in, and follow God 24/7.
Location: Downstairs, Double Door Classroom Leader: Joel Lloyd and SnL Staff


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