Nous allons travailler avec “Christian Direction”

I wanted to update everyone with some really good news that Jess and I received the other day. As many of you know, we are at a French language school in Sherbrooke, Quebec, which is located roughly two hours east of Montreal. We have been here since September and will be finished in two weeks! This is very exciting for both of us.

In coming here, we definitely had some ideas about what mission group we wanted to work with, but nothing was set in stone. Usually when people go to a language school, they are already working with a specific mission agency which sent the missionaries to that school. But since I am not conventional in pretty much anything I do, I listened to what I believe that God was telling us, and both Jess and I came here with no attachment to a specific agency. But last week, we went to Montreal to discuss church planting strategy for Montreal with the director of Christian Direction, Glenn Smith. After this meeting, which clarified much, Jess and I felt very comfortable working with Christian Direction. Now I know that to work with someone they need to ask us to work with them. This happened about two months ago in another meeting, and my paperwork, references, etc. had all been turned in. So… this means that we are now working with Christian Direction, as missionaries going to the “down-town” to live and plant a church. From this initial church plant, we are looking to plant churches all throughout Montreal.


So here is the plan:

Finish school (April 20)

Get married (May 9)

Move back to Maine while we raise support

As soon as we have our support, we will be moving to Montreal!

We are very excited, and we will be back soon enough to get to share more details about this. I will also be writing a vision-paper this weekend, and we will post it through this blog at some point next week. Just wanted to pass along this news to my WBC family!

Here is the Christian Direction website for you to take a peek at:

May we enjoy Jesus as He calls us to part from one another for a time, so that we can tell others of the One who calls us together collectively as His bride for all of eternity. The gospel is ridiculously incredible, and worthy of being spoken of in all places, languages, tribes, tongues, countries (closed and not), and we are the ambassadors called to bring this message across the seas, across the border, across our street and across our table! 


Undeservingly Enabled,

Dwight & Jess


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