Senegal, The Garretts, and You

As we continue planning and recruiting for our mission trip to Senegal this September 16-29, please take a few minutes to “Meet the Garretts”. The video below does a fantastic job showing you who they are, a ton about Senegal, and what they’re doing their to plant churches.

Please continue to pray how God is calling is you to be a part of this mission trip. Will you be a…

  • GO-er? We are aiming for a team of 8. So far, 4 people have begun the application process. Download it here: Senegal 2009 Application_WBC.
  • SEND-er? WBC has always been a generous supporter of missions. We will need to raise about $2000 per person. Please prayerfully consider how you might joyfully support those who will go.
  • PRAY-er? One thing we all can do is to pray. John Piper wisely says, “Prayer exalts God as wealthy and humbles us as needy.” That’s a great starting place! With that heart, get to know more about this mission trip so that you can pray specifically for the team, the Garretts, and Senegal.

Please visit the Garrett’s website And their prayer page,

There’s a video in this space – if you don’t see it, it may take a moment to open.  Youtube can be a bit pokey…


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