Spurgeon Sabbatical Update

Hello WBC Family,

What a blessing it has been these past 5 days to be a part of the Spurgeon Sabbatical. I’ve reconnected with pastors that I’ve met over the past 5 years. It’s also been a joy to connect with some of the new men. In fact two of the pastors are from Maine! I’m really looking forward to partnering with these like-minded, Christ-centered guys. Hearing how God has sustained them in their lives and ministry has been an immense encouragement to me. Many of these men have served as pastors for 20 and even 30 years! Through the many, dangers toils and snares they’ve found God to be faithful. I long to be like these guys in my love for God and his church.

Thankfully, my ministry to them has been equally encouraging to them. So far this week I’ve lead about 10 times of gathered worship. It’s exhausting in an ironically invigorating way. They’ve really appreciated the theologically rich, truth brimming songs, Scripture readings and times of prayer. So often pastors are the ones serving, it’s been renewing for them to be served for a change. And daily at that! Please continue to pray that I would serve with the strength that God alone supplies (1 Peter 4:10-11).

We’ve been studying Romans 1-5 in the mornings and I’ve been amazed at how the apostle Paul unpacks the gospel to the Roman Christians. It’s the heart and soul of his ministry and their life and mission as part of God’s church. It’s been reassuring that our emphasis on a renewed centrality of the gospel here at WBC is thoroughly biblical.  Our teacher, Scott Hafemann, has reminded us pastors that our ministry is only as good as our exegesis. Please pray for your pastors that we would never forget the charge to “preach the Word.” It is our only authority and our only message.

Well, I’m looking forward to worship God together with you on Sunday. I’ll be returning to Maine for Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday. The sabbbatical will continue Monday through Thursday morning.  Thank you for your support in sending me to serve these men of God. Thank you for your prayers for me, my family and these pastors.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Josh


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