The Brenner’s are coming…

062609_1548_TheBrenners1.pngWe wanted to be sure to let you know that we have a special surprise in store for this Sunday’s time of gathered worship – Nic and Christy Brenner are planning to be with us. If you don’t know them (which you surely should want to do), Nic is one of the young men that grew up at Windham Baptist Church. While in pursuing his undergrad degree at UNH, God moved powerfully in Nic’s life and called him to work with college students.

While finishing his degree, Nic met Christy – a young lady who had a heart for God and for ministry to college students. They were married in 2003, worked hard to prepare for ministry and joined Campus Crusade as staff members at Cornell University. Soon afterward, God blessed them with a handsome baby boy, named Jack. Cornell is a difficult ministry environment, and we love that our Great and Gracious God placed such a wonderful family there. While school is out they are investing the summer in a ministry in Acadia National Park.

We’ve asked them to share a little about their ministry this Sunday.

By The Way:

In their communication, Josh learned that Christy just had her appendix out and their son, Jack, had to go to the emergency room recently.  Understandably, these have caused some financial strain on their budget, so Josh and I were thinking it would be great to have a love offering for them.  Can we do this?  We know how generous you all are, and know that you love to live the rhythm of “Bless”. Just wanted to give you a little heads up.


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