Happy 500th Birthday, Calvin!

John Calvin turns 500 years old today! In honor of this special occasion here are some resources and offers to help you get acquainted with one of the most important men in Church History. What sets Calvin apart is his relentless focus on the greatness of God. Everywhere in Scripture he saw the majesty of God and the glory of Christ. And everywhere in his life and ministry he proclaimed it! May we do the same.

John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, and Doxology

Today only, Ligonier Ministries is offering this book for a donation of any amount. 20 different scholars and pastors look at the Reformer’s life, ministry and God-centered teaching.

Tabletalk 2009: The Legacy of John Calvin

You can read this month’s edition of Tabletalk online for free. (If you’re looking for a monthly magazine full of insightful articles on culture and theology, you might consider subscribing.)

Portrait of Calvin for $2

Desiring God is offering T.H.L. Parker’s classic biography for only $2 today. Or you can download the PDF for free.

The Divine Majesty of the Word: John Calvin, the Man and His Preaching

By far one of my favorite sermons! Read or listen to John Piper’s biographical sermon (Check out the whole series of Piper’s biographies here.)

Some other really good stuff

Ton’s of articles by or about Calvin at Monergism.

9 Part Series on Calvin’s Life by John Piper.

Calvin on Faith: Christ and His Gospel from Resurgence.

Calvin’s Commentaries read them  at Christian Classics.

Calvin’s Institutes read them at Christian Classics.


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