Geoff, Kingdom Family, & Language School

Below is an update from Geoff W. about his plans to attend and raise support for French Language School in Quebec. You may also download his support letter at the end of the post.

As I prepared for language school this year one of my biggest needs was a place to live while I attend school in a city where I don’t know. I went to Trois Rivieres, QC to work with a youth group doing street evangelism with Tony Schaapman 2 years ago. Through friends on that team I heard that the school in that city would be good to go to for learning French, so I applied, go accepted, and wanted to go. However, I needed to find someone I’ve never even met before to be willing to open their home to me and live with them for 17 weeks while I learn their language.

Regardless of language, border, or physical separation, God’s church is his family. In order to find this family I got in touch with the pastor of the church in Trois Rivieres, He talked with our pastor here in Windham, and then notified his local church family of this need.

After only a few weeks, a family responded offering their home to me for a place to live and study! Celine and Eric are 35 years old, they have 3 children (two boys, one girl, ages 10, 7, and 4) Celine is a nurse, and Eric is a French teacher (who will help me with my French homework)! This family has never hosted anyone before, they don’t even have a spare room, but they do have a basement and someone to lend a bed. Because of their faith in Jesus and their Kingdom view of his family, God has generously blessed me with a family to live with while I learn French in QC!

I praise God for our family in QC as well as our local church who already views our family as part of His Kingdom. For the past several months the Murch’s have opened their doors to me to live in their home while I save money and raise support for school. They have been one of my biggest supporters in God’s mission just through their generous hospitality.

As much as this family is a blessing to me, I hope to be a blessing to them as well. As we praise God for his faithfulness, his kingdom, and his family, I want to remind you of the part you play in his kingdom family as well. You may not have a spare room, but consider what you could do with a basement or a bed you could lend. How can we bless others through what God has given us? It might be someone you don’t know, it might be someone from a different country who can’t even speak your language. I believe that blessing others is a joy and blessing in itself when we serve God’s kingdom through the same generosity he’s shown towards us.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can prayerfully and financially support Geoff you can download his support letter, here.


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