Fall Sunday School Kick Off–Sept 13

All Classes begin September 13, 10:50AM. Here they are…

Adult Classes

“Total Church: A Radical Reshaping Around Gospel & Community”

Learn how the Church is God’s community in Christ, shaped by the Gospel and for the Gospel. Discover how Gospel and Community impact every part of our life together on God’s mission: evangelism, social involvement, church planting, world missions, discipleship, pastoral care, spirituality, theology, apologetics, youth and children’s work.

Location: Upstairs, Gathering Place

Leader: WBC Leaders

“Basic Bible Doctrine”

Getting back to the basics of “what we believe and why.” This class is required for those who want to become a WBC member, but all are welcome.

Location: Downstairs Double-door Classroom

Leader: Scott B.

Teen Classes

Grades 5-8
Learn how to hear from, trust in, and follow God 24/7.
Location: TBA  Leader: TBA

Grades 9-12

Choose one of the two adult classes…

Children’s Classes

Age-appropriate classes using the “Show Me Jesus” curriculum—which teaches the whole Bible with a view that all Scripture is about Jesus and God’s redemptive plan.


Brittany D. (pre.- K.),

Phyllis C. (1st-2nd),

Laurie J. (3rd-4th)

Location: Downstairs Classrooms.


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