Communion and Community

We announced this Sunday that we would observe communion each week this month, and that it would look a little different. With great joy we celebrate communion in a traditional way each month, a way that emphasizes servant leadership (leaders humbly bringing the bread and cup to the people) and allows us time to respond personally. This is a good way to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

But there are other good ways, and they remind us of other aspects of this special celebration. For the next four weeks we plan on focusing on community over individuality, on the role of each member serving over the responsibilities of leadership. This design will emphasize our oneness, like we read on Sunday, “Because there is one loaf, we, who are many, are one body, for we all partake of the one loaf” (1 Cor. 10:6-7).

How it will work:

If you have been to our evening celebrations in the Fall you have already experienced this format. Expect to see three or four stations spread throughout the gathering place. There you will find a cup and a loaf of bread. After the sermon, we will turn to a time of singing the gospel to each other, reminding each other of the incredible grace of God demonstrated in Jesus. When ready, you can approach one of these stations and take the bread and the cup.

But don’t go alone! Invite your family to go with you – whether your biological family or your spiritual family. Look for people you don’t know or don’t know well – invite them to come with you. Break the bread and dip it in the cup. Feel free to take time to pray together before you eat – pray for those gathered with you. Then you can head back to where you were seated and join in singing. It is a simple format – please don’t picture this as complicated or difficult.

Why do it:

The one loaf reminds us that we are one. Praying in groups reminds us that we are all ministers. Having to step out and approach someone else reminds us that we have to initiate ministry relationships – and who better to begin with, but your own brothers and sisters in Christ. When we look for the unfamiliar or the person I don’t know it reminds me that every week I am an ambassador of Christ who welcomes others in His name. Taking communion weekly reminds us that this is not a religious practice that needs a schedule, it is a heart-sensitivity that we long to live on a daily basis.


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