Greetings from Kaffrine!

Greetings Family,

It’s 7:30 Monday morning in Kaffrine, and we are about eat breakfast and head out to the coast. We woke to the sounds of the mosque – broadcast for the last hour throughtout the whole region have been songs of worship to Allah. And how our hearts break for the spiritual blindness of this people. I have been praying that God would cause a new song to break over this land – a song of praise to the Lord and Savior of all mankind, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, the Lamb who is worthy to be slain. To Him be all glory and power and dominion for ever!

We landed in Dakar on Thursday morning, and got two hours of sleep. Corey and Katie took us through the city and out to see a slave house, the very door that many Africans walked out of onto the waiting boats to be shipped like cattle to North America – very humbling. But the people that Corey and Katie work with, the Wolof, were key to capturing their fellow people and selling their lives.

On Friday we took the two hour drive down to the Conservative Baptist camp (where we will be headed today). We had the privelege of working hard – ran some new water lines to a building, and took one of the buildings from the brink of absolute neglect to the point that we will live in it this coming week – all in about 36 hours.

On Saturday afternoon we traveled to Kaffrine – a five hour trip. Please be thankful for our amazing system of roads in the US, these were downright treacherous (and half of them had been reconstructed recently).

We had the privelege of worshipping with the church here in Kaffrine on Sunday morning, and I got to preach from Psalm 73 and our need to treasure Christ. Then we travelled into one of the villages where Corey has been concentrating on bringing the gospel. What an amazing time we had! It will take a whole post to try to describe the love and generosity we experienced. It was an amazing time.

So today we head back to the coast, we will try to update some more and add some pictures to help your imagination.

Thank you for loving us, we covet your prayers for our ministry here and for the minsitry to the Wolof people. The team sends their love.


Pastor Mark


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