The Redemptive Power of a Child

This morning I was changing Mathew (our 5 month-old) and putting his little overalls on him while he yawned, smiled and cooed away. There’s something about the little moments like this, or when we wake him up in the morning and the first thing on his face is a huge smile, that invigorates my soul. It makes me happy. Other things tend to become minor in that moment. It’s been a somewhat challenging week for us. As is common with us all, Life (not a typo) had dealt us a series of challenges and little sleep. As I was getting Matthew ready for daycare I began to think about this power he had over me…

We named him Matthew to remind ourselves that He is a gift from God; that’s what “Matthew” means. So in that moment, when Matthew caused me to forget myself and the week’s difficulties, I thought, “Thank you God, for the gift of this child.” Now we can talk until we’re all blue in the face about what challenges will come with a child, and what we’ve all experienced while raising the fruit of our loins to “adulthood”, but that wouldn’t get us far. God stopped me in this moment to show me how he uses my son as an instrument of redemption in my life.

After thanking Him for the gift of my son, I couldn’t help but think, “God wants me to revel in the Glory of Jesus right now.” If I am thankful to Him for my son, how much more should I be thankful to Him for HIS SON- the one who completely wipes away my sin and redeems me fully. Jesus is so much more valuable and worthy of worship than my problems. And I can trust that He will be the eternal source of satisfaction and joy for my soul. I could end up worshiping myself, a quiet evening at home, or even my son in my pursuit to satisfy my idols of comfort during a hard week. But Jesus is the only one worth my adoration, and God used my son to point me to that! When he grows older I’ll be able to tell him that he has been a living parable of the beauty of Jesus in my life!


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