Songs of Redemption Project

Dear WBC Family,

I have some exciting news I want to share with you! Months ago a friend of mine offered to sponsor a recording project for me.  After being blown away by his generosity, we continued with lots of discussion, planning, and prayer. The good news is that I will be recording at Halo Studios (the studio of the Wrecking, here in Windham) next week, October 14-18.

The songs we’ll be recording are songs that we often sing during gathered worship: “He is Risen!” “Come Lord Jesus to Redeem Us” and “Upon this Mount (Isaiah 25:6-9)” plus two older hymns that I recently put new melodies to–“Look Ye Saints the Sight is Glorious” and “Christ is Coming! Let Creation.” Each of these songs build the theme of Redemption from Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension to our waiting for his return and our celebration of his return. This is an exciting project not only for me but also for our music team, our church and Jesus’ Church everywhere because the end result will be more Truth-saturated music in the ears, hearts and minds of many!

A big “Thank you” goes out to the WBC Music Team. Over the years they have helped shape the arrangements of these songs with their singing and playing. And although the recording team will be much smaller than the entire music team, all of our musicians have played a vital role.

Thank you too, WBC, for your continued passion to sing theologically-rich, God-centered, Christ-exalting, Spirit-renewing music! Whether we sing new lyrics with old melodies or old lyrics with new melodies, I am always thankful that you sing to God’s glory and for the good of Christ’s body.

I’ll keep you updated through the process, but please do pray that the recording goes well—it’s a high pressure situation when every note you sing and play has to be perfect! Pray too that God will use these songs to encourage many people to believe his magnificent promises in Christ! Pray that these songs will encourage many congregations in their times of gathered worship and will fuel lives of faithfulness to King Jesus.

Serving King Jesus,

Josh Otte


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