One eye on Him and one on me

CrossI read a great quote this morning from Octavius Winslow (1808-1878) in a work called, “A Sight of Sin and a Sight of Jesus”.

If Jesus did not bear my transgressions and curse, He did nothing for me; and I am yet in my sins. If He did, then the load is gone; the burden is annihilated – all transferred to Him and by Him borne into eternal oblivion. I am no longer my own sin and burden bearer: my sins were all laid on Jesus, not by my hand, but by the hand of God. Since Jesus has cared for my sins, then my only care should be first to realize their full pardon and then to walk so holily as not to recommit those sins the Christ bore…

His argument is that we all, every one of us, needs to sit at the cross of Christ regularly to turn from the corroding power of sin in our lives and look at Jesus – wounded, bleeding, dying for our sins – and we will find Him divine, glorious, and precious. “We must know Christ crucified before we shall know sin crucified.”

No fact in Christian experience is more certain than this: sin is never properly seen until Christ is known; and Christ is never fully known until sin is seen in its existence, guilt, and power. It is a sense of our vileness, guiltiness, and condemnation that takes us to Christ. When we see Christ, accept Christ, and enter into believing rest in Christ, we then have the deepest conviction of the greatness, the exceeding sinfulness of sin, and at the same moment the most assured conviction of our full and eternal deliverance from its guilt, tyranny, and condemnation.

Heavenly Dad, we ask that you would help us to be a people that linger at the cross, though we do not like what it says about us. But may we remain there: to see the costliness of our sin, admit how impenitent and cold we tend to be, then see the blood that cleanses us, and the love that pardons us fully, freely, and forever. Please fill our lives with spiritual vitality, joy, and hope in the soul.


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