How Healthy Is Your Soul?

I posted a brief article on my blog for the youth ministry course that I teach at New England Bible College. It asks the question, “How is your soul and how are you feeding it?”

Well the question is just as valid for each of us – how healthy is your soul? How do I know? Well there are many questions that we can ask, but one great diagnostic tool is simply to check your time in God’s word. If you are not reading the Bible regularly, then it is a pretty safe bet that regardless of feelings of peace or well-being, your soul is not well.

How can I say that? Because Romans 10:17 says, “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” So if faith comes by hearing it, what happens when it does not hear it? Faith begins to falter and become weak and emaciated. Faith starves. And when faith starves, it has a hard time trusting God and worshipping and rejoicing and resisting sin.

We need to feed our souls on the word of God.  We need to memorize God’s word.  We need to read God’s word with our kids, and our spouses, and our friends.  We need to hear people preach the word.  We need to read what others have written about the word.  We should sing it, we should say it, we should hear it.

We need more than one little taste of it at the beginning of our day.  We need to feast on the promises of God as contained in the word of God so we will love and trust God and find our life in Him.


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