Marriage, Maine, and you.

Stand for marriage Maine sent out the following plea for help:

We have only a few days before the future of Marriage in Maine is decided.  I need to tell you what we are facing in these few days.
     Together, we worked very hard to get the veto of same-sex marriage on the ballot. We have continued the work throughout this campaign. The Stand For Marriage Maine campaign team has been tirelessly working to raise funds and build a network of volunteers. We have faced the attacks from the opposition against us and our consistent message about the consequences of changing the definition of marriage.  Compared to our opponents, we have a very small staff and a tight budget. In spite of this, polls consistently show the race to be almost exactly even with a tiny percent of Mainers still undecided. Recent polling shows that we are taking the lead, even though it is slight.
There is no doubt that the outcome will be a matter of voter turnout. It does not matter how many people agree that marriage is the union of a man and a woman if they do not vote. Our focus from now until November 3rd must be on getting every supporter to vote.
     We need your help. We simply cannot do this without you.  The “No on 1” has thousands of volunteers, many from out of state, to help them get proponents of homosexual marriage to the polls. They will be in the streets and on the phones in huge numbers.  We cannot let them snatch victory from us while we watch from the sidelines.
     This is the most urgent and important request I have ever made of you. We need you to postpone or cancel other plans and give as much time as you possibly can, especially  on Monday and Tuesday of next week (Nov. 2&3).  We need thousands of caring Mainers to walk through neighborhoods and to make telephone calls to get out every possible vote.
     If you believe marriage is a Divine institution and worth preserving, this is the time for you to act.

     Please send an email to Doug at .

Put ” I will volunteer” in the subject line and give him your name, address and telephone number. Please ask your family and friends to do the same. Forward this email to everyone in your address book.  Ask your church family to join you and cover your community. Imagine the excitement of your whole church out knocking on doors and making telephone calls! We have everything you need to make it easy.
     I promise you that I will continue to do everything I can to win this important battle. Can I count on you to do the same? When your children and grandchildren hear about the 2009 Battle for Marriage, will you be able to tell them you fought for them?


God bless,
Pastor Bob Emrich


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