Songs of Redemption…Almost Finished

The recording for the Songs of Redemption project is almost finished! A big “Thanks!” goes out to the team…Jarred Bridges (drums), Mike Jones (bass, electric guitar, background vocals), Karl Anderson (producer, keys, background vocals), and Dustin Burnett (sound engineer, electric guitar). The songs sound fantastic thanks to these guys!

I can’t wait to share these songs with you! The songs plead with us to trust the goodness of our rescuing God as we wait for final redemption at the Return of our King, Jesus. We live in the already, but not yet…confident and convinced of the redemption Jesus accomplished through his death and resurrection, but awaiting the redemption Jesus will complete when he returns! It’s my prayer that these songs will fuel lives of worship in the face of every temptation and trial we face as we serve King Jesus together, through the power of the Holy Spirit, for the glory of God alone!

  • “There is a Fountain” (Christ’s cross)
  • “He is Risen!”(Christ’s resurrection)
  • “Look Ye Saints the Sight is Glorious”(Christ’s exaltation)
  • “Christ is Coming! Let Creation” (Our life in the already, but not yet)
  • “Come Lord Jesus to Redeem Us”(Our prayer for Christ’s return)
  • “Upon this Mount” (Isaiah 25:6-9) (Our celebration in the New Creation)

We hope that CD’s and downloads will be available before Christmas. We’ll keep you in the loop. And again–please continue to pray that God will use this music to compel many of the supreme joy found in worshiping Christ alone!


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