Yes, Virginia, there WAS a Santa Claus…

As have many, Tracy and the kids and I have watched a few Christmas TV specials – like “Frosty the Snowman”, Disney’s “Prep and Landing” and a new computer animated version of “Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus”.

It didn’t take long to recognize that I was going to have to talk with Mark and Kaitlyn. So many of these “specials” present a jolly old man, who posesses all the attributes of diety (know your thoughts, inspire good deeds, even raise the dead). Praise God our kids knew that Jesus is the only one who can fit that billing!

So what’s the skinny on the fat man (St. Nick)?  Here’s a great article by Mark Driscoll.

The larger-than-life myths surrounding Santa Claus actually emanate from the very real person of Saint Nicholas. It is difficult to know the exact details of his life with certainty as the ancient records are sparse, but pieces can be put together as a mosaic of his life.

A Gift-Giver

Nicholas was born in the third century in Patara, a village in what is now Turkey. He was born into an affluent family, but his parents died tragically when he was quite young. His parents had raised him to be a devout Christian, which led him to spend his great inheritance on helping the poor, especially children. He was known to frequently give gifts to children, sometimes even hanging socks filled with treats and gifts.  You can read the rest of this article here.

Dads, what kinds of conversations do you need to have with your kids?

Moms, how about you?

  • Should we teach our kids to use the strong timbers of truth like a club? So how should they interact with thier peers on this topic?
  • Is it possible that we are lying to our kids when we tell them the popular story of Santa? What might the consequences be?
  • Have you found a better way to handle this – traditions or practices? Leave a comment and help others out.

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