By God’s grace and for His glory we plan to meet tomorrow

As the title indicates, by God’s grace and for His glory we will gather this Sunday for a time to celebrate all that God has done for us in Jesus Christ.  Where will you be?  Now, in case a wave of guilt starts to crash over you, please read on. 

I am not writing to say that all of you should gather with us – I would rather ask, “Why will you be where ever you are?”

  • If you gather with us, will you do it because you love Jesus and enjoy celebrating His loving sacrifice with your family?
  • If you stay home, will you do it by God’s grace and for His glory?
  • Will you ask God where He wants you to be?
  • If you are the head of your home, will you lead those around you to worship God and point them to truth from God’s word?

We will be looking at the first of a two-part series from Luke 14 – “What God Wants from Us”.  There were many religious people who followed Jesus – some loved him and others hated him. But few of them would actually be with Him in the kingdom. So what does Jesus want from his followers? If you don’t make it, you can download the sermon from iTunes tomorrow afternoon (here are directions).

Bottom line: What is your motivation for what you do?  Please remember, we are not accepted by God because we obey, we are accepted by God, so we love to obey!  I plan to be at the gathering place tomorrow morning, ready to join with others to revel in the gospel.  But that will not make me better or more loved by God.  On the other hand, it is not morally preferable to stay home.  It all comes down to your motivation.  So, where will you be tomorrow morning by God’s grace and for His glory?


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