How should we think about judgment?

Surely you have heard indignation expressed over Pat Robertson’s comments regarding Haiti from both believers and unbelievers. Rightfully so. A friend tweeted, “God loves Haiti and Pat Robertson, even though both are natural disasters. Still give money to Haiti, not the 700 club.”

So how should we think Biblically about a disaster like the one Haiti has faced? Al Mohler has provided an excellent answer that is Biblically accurate and balanced. These are a few quotes – you can read the whole article here.

A faithful Christian cannot accept the claim that God is a bystander in world events. The Bible clearly claims the sovereign rule of God over all his creation, all of the time. We have no right to claim that God was surprised by the earthquake in Haiti, or to allow that God could not have prevented it from happening.

God’s rule over creation involves both direct and indirect acts, but his rule is constant. The universe, even after the consequences of the Fall, still demonstrates the character of God in all its dimensions, objects, and occurrences. And yet, we have no right to claim that we know why a disaster like the earthquake in Haiti happened at just that place and at just that moment.

Mohler goes on to answer the question, “Does God Hate Haiti?”

… the earthquake reminds us that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only real message of hope. The cross of Christ declares that Jesus loves Haiti — and the Haitian people are the objects of his love. Christ would have us show the Haitian nation his love, and share his Gospel. In the midst of this unspeakable tragedy, Christ would have us rush to aid the suffering people of Haiti, and rush to tell the Haitian people of his love, his cross, and salvation in his name alone.


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