Tim and Cindy update on adoption

Dear WBC Family,

        We have an incredible praise to report!  We have just received word that the adoption documents that had been buried in rubble were recovered.  Pastor Rigaud has taken them to the US Embassy where they are being processed for visas.  The pastor believes that our boys and two other children from the orphanage will be able to be brought to the US within the next few days – Lord willing!  Please pray with us that this miracle will occur.

        He is also asking that we, the body of Christ, pray for the rest of the orphans to be adopted.  It may be possible to get all of the children out soon if there are designated homes for them in the US.  If anyone is considering adoption, please contact us immediately.  Because of the unusual circumstances in Haiti and the desire of all concerned to help these orphans, it may be possible to adopt them in a very short time.

        Pastor Rigaud’s church, Bethlehem Evangelical Church, where twelve people from Windham Baptist ministered to on a work team in 2003, is currently trying to reach out to thousands of people in their community who have no food or water.  Please be in prayer that the Lord will provide and use this circumstance to bring people to salvation.

        If you would like to make a donation to help in this great need, a representative of Servants for Haiti (who oversee the sponsorship of the orphans at the Kingdom of Kids Orphanage) will be traveling to Haiti next week and in the following weeks to bring money to the pastor to buy food and water.

In Christ’s love,

Tim & Cindy Irish


2 responses to this post.

  1. There is nothing impossible with God. He sees the need of these children and so He will open the doors that is necessary. Jesus says suffer the little children to come unto me. It shall be well with them.


  2. Posted by Wendy on January 26, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    My husband and I are interested in finding out more about this adoption situtation. Could you please send us some more info? I fell in love with Haiti when I visited my Compassion sponsored children back in both 1996 & 2000.
    you can contact me at rumkimom@nyair.net

    mommy to Emily (India-11), Melody (China-8) & Steven (China-4)


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