Ed Stetzer – The Biggest Sin in Your Church

Ed Stetzer, a nationally recognized leader and speaker on church ministry, wrote an interesting article. I think I can give you the main idea by providing a short exerpt:

If I preach about gay marriage, everybody cheers. If I preach about sin you can hear the amens ring. But those aren’t the real problems. I tell people that the biggest sin in our church is you sitting there doing nothing and still calling yourself a follower of Jesus.

A few lines later Stetzer comments:

The elephant in the evangelical room is that we’re not making disciples. People are still struggling through how to do that. We studied 2,500 Protestant church attendees and did so again a year later and the spiritual development was shocking and frustrating.

Read the article here, and then leave your response:

  • What is the Biblical role of a pastor/elder?
  • What are the responsibilities of God’s people for the ministry of the church?

How do you answer the following questions?

  • I have a desire to reach out to others with the message of Jesus Christ.
  • I am involved in projects/relationships that serve the community as a testament of Christ’s care for them.
  • I am praying for specific friends/family/co-workers who don’t know Christ.
  • I have been on a mission trip to see how God works in other communities.
  • I make it a practice to engage with non-church-attending people regularly and invite them to church.
  • I consistently give of my time, talent and treasure to help the church in outreach ministries.
  • I have been trained to listen to others’ stories, to share my own, and how to lead someone to Christ.
  • I actively share my faith on a regular basis.
  • I cultivate relationships with non-believers and non-church-attending people out of my desire to point them to Christ and/or back to the church.
  • I train others in how to be effective in personal outreach.

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