Final score: Tebow ad 1, detractors 0

At least, that’s what Boston Globe writer, Joan Vennochi wrote.

IN THE end, Tim Tebow and his mom made advocates for the serious cause of reproductive rights look silly.

First, the National Organization of Woman and other women’s groups criticized CBS for its decision to air a Super Bowl ad that featured the college football star and his mother making a subtle case against abortion.

Then, after the ad aired, NOW President Terry O’Neill told the Los Angeles Times, “I am blown away by the celebration of violence against women in it. That’s what comes across to me even more strongly than the anti-abortion message . . …I think CBS should be ashamed of itself.’’

Vennochi goes on to explain,

But some women’s groups foolishly took the bait offered by abortion opponents. When they learned about the ad, they tried to bully CBS into pulling it. That generated a super-sized pre-Super Bowl controversy that helped anti-abortion forces gain even more publicity. Thanks to all the buzz, Focus on the Family happily reported that its website traffic was exploding, subscribers to its magazine were up and a Facebook page for the ad attracted 230,000 fans.

And NOW’s president probably helped them more with her “celebration of violence’’ remark.

You should read the whole article on the Boston Globe website.

Focus on the Family has posted the commerical for you to watch, with bonus interview footage of Tebow’s mom and dad.


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