Gathered and Scattered Worship Fuel Each other

This past Sunday we said that biblical worship–worship in light of God’s total plan and purpose for his people–involves a rhythm of gathering for gospel encouragement and scattering for gospel mission. Gathered worship fuels scattered worship. And vice versa. Scattered worship fuels gathered worship. We summed it up this way…

We become better “gathered worshippers” when we live our whole life as worship!

  • GW restores a God-centered view of life.
  • GW reminds us of the person and promises of God.
  • GW enables a continual re-discovery of the gospel and its implication in everyday life.
  • GW reminds us that God’s Mission is to be carried out by a Christ-rescued, Spirit-empowered community.
  • GW fuels scattered worship.

We become better “scattered worshippers” when we meaningfully worship God together.

  • SW reminds us that worship is more than a “Sunday thing”.
  • SW involves the entire church (no days off allowed).
  • SW safeguards against “doing church”.
  • SW tests the “success” of gathered worship.
  • SW fuels gathered worship.

I wonder what our times of gatherings would like like if we really believed this?

I wonder what our lives would look like?


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