Five for Friday

Here are 5 posts you don’t want to miss.

  1. is offering Mark Driscoll’s book, Religion Saves: And Nine Other Misconceptions for free download all February.
  2. Ray Ortlund offered this massive encouragement: “And they devoted themselves . . . .”  Acts 2:42. When the early believers converted to Christ, it never occurred to them to fit him into the margins of their busy lives.  They redefined themselves around a new, immovable center.  He was not an optional weekend activity, along with the kids’ soccer practices.  They put him and his church and his cause first in their hearts, first in their schedules, first in their budgets, first in their reputations, first in their very lives.  They devoted themselves. Unmistakable evidence that the Holy Spirit was being poured out.”
  3. Is it possible to talk too much about the cross? Chris Tomlinson weighs in, here. Beautiful answer–you will worship at the foot of the cross!
  4. The Danger of a Good Marriage. Say what?!?! Here’s a snippet from Paul Tripp…”Things go wrong when couples think they have reached the point when they can retire from their marital work and chill out, lay back, and slide. Perhaps the greatest danger to a good marriage is a good marriage, because when things are good, we are tempted to give way to feelings of arrival and forsake the attitudes and disciplines that have, by God’s grace, made our marriage what it has become.”
  5. Numbness will be the Exception. Soul-stirring, faith-feeding quote from Jarred Wilson.

And one more just for the fun of it! Stephen Altrogee offers some suggestions on how to make the Olympics better. Hilarious!


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