Pray for Kate McRae

This is Kate McRae. I’ve been introduced to her through the intenet. She has cancer. Kate is 5 years old.

She is one of many kids with cancer, but she’s the only one I know. I encourage you to read her story, to follow her mom’s updates on their blog. Here’s a sample:

The last remnant of soft blonde hair that had grown back is now officially gone. Her smooth bald head again revealing all of her surgery scar. It has been a few days of ups and downs which now seems so very normal. We are thankful for those ups that have accompanied the down times.

Last night our nurse walked in to Kate and I crying. I quietly explained it was just one of those nights. We both missed home. It has been a long, draining 8 months. Exhausting. It was one of the first times I have seen Kate cry out of sadness for quite awhile. It is oftentimes out of pure frustration or anxiety. But last night it was anguish. So we cried a river of tears, I tucked her in and then spent some time researching. I needed hope. I needed stories of survival from this devastating disease. I needed promising treatments on the horizon. I wanted a breakthrough cure to be around the corner. I wanted to know my sweet baby was going to survive. That I would have the joy of seeing her grow up. After much frustration, and after finding no magic bullet, I again realized what I have known all along. There is no easy answer, no quick solution. We have to continue to walk this day by day by day. We will have to continue to live in a state of uncertainty with this disease. And yet, I was quickly reminded that our certainty can only lie with the One who controls Kate’s future. He is not limited by research. He is not limited by statistics. And He will continue to lead us through these dark days.

I want to bring her before you for 3 reasons (there are more):

  • We all need a little perspective. Our children may seem burdensome at times, but they are gifts from God.
  • We have the responsibility to help those in need. Whether they are in Haiti, Chile, the cancer center or Casco, God has given us wealth to be used for the good of others (Luke 16:19ff; James 1:27).
  • We all need a little hope. God is changing this world, restoring it to its original purpose. A day is coming when little girls will no longer battle brain cancer (Rev. 21:4).



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  1. […] 16, 2010 by Pastor Mark As some of you know, I have been following the story of Kate McRay, a six year old with brain cancer. Here’s the journal update her mom posted the other day: So […]


  2. Posted by Saddie on December 14, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    I was touched my the post the Kates mom posted. I have no one close to me that I know of that has cancer but I felt the need to tell you that no matter what you will always have some one there with you every step of the way.


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