“I will now preach the greatest sermon ever”

Though you probably don’t know Edward Perronet by name, you most likely know his song…”All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.” We sing it often in gathered worship because it is a powerful invitation to worship King Jesus. Here’s a little story about the songwriter that will help you appreciate his song even more. Oh that we would stand in awe of Jesus like him!

Perronet, son of an Ang­li­can min­is­ter, de­scend­ed from French Hu­gue­nots who fled the con­ti­nent to es­cape re­li­gious per­se­cution. For a time, Per­ro­net was a co-worker of John and Charles Wes­ley. John Wes­ley was al­ways try­ing to get him to preach, but Per­ro­net, though cap­a­ble, was some­what in awe of Wes­ley, and al­ways de­ferred to him. Any time John Wes­ley was pre­sent, Per­ro­net felt Wesley should do the preach­ing. But John Wes­ley was not one to take “no” for an an­swer. So, one day, in the mid­dle of a meet­ing, he simp­ly an­nounced, “Bro­ther Per­ro­net will now speak.” Think­ing quick­ly, Per­ro­net stood be­fore the large crowd and de­clared, “I will now de­liv­er the great­est ser­mon ev­er preached on earth” (you can imag­ine he got ev­er­y­one’s at­ten­tion). He then read the Ser­mon on the Mount, and sat down.

–from the Cyber Hymnal


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