Love Offering this Sunday

Dear WBC Family,

This Sunday, March 28, we will be taking a special love offering at the end of Gathered Worship for the “Wayom Timoun” Kingdom Of Kids Orphanage in Haiti. This love offering comes at a very strategic time, because David and Anne Marie Murch and Tyler and Nancy Dunphy will be travelling to visit their children on April 9! (They will also be travelling with three other families who are also adopting.) So we would like to seize this opportunity to bless the Kingdom of Kids Orphanage by sending a love gift with the Murches and Dunphys. This gift will help support their ongoing ministry as well as the many new, critical needs due to the earthquake.

God has been knitting together our church and this ministry, led by Pastor Rigaud, for some years.  We praise God for Tim and Cindy Irish being able to adopt Josiah and Isaiah! Let us continue to pray for the Murches  and their children, Vania and Pierrelynn, the Dunphys  and their daughter, Nahomi, and the other families currently seeking to adopt.


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