Pray for The Gardners

Can you imagine being forced to leave the country for a month? Can you imagine knowing not knowing if you’d be allowed back? Can you imagine trying to raise a family and invest your life into a grassroots ministry to street children and orphans in the midst of this upheaval? The Gardners can and do: this has been their life and ministry the past three years.

Below is an update from Tim and Carre explaining some big changes on their horizon. Please read the whole note. And please join in pleading with our Heavenly Father to grant them peace, wisdom and strength.

Any American knows what “winds of change” means, but I like the way Russians say it better: “wind of changes.” One wind, many changes.  In the last four years, we’ve gone through more changes than we can count: change of vocation, country, language, culture; of friends, finances, churches… and now the wind is blowing another big change our way: We are leaving Krasnodar for good.

Read their whole story, here.


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