Embracing the World

A recent devotional presented by Ligonier Ministries highlights our calling to live, not just as family, but as missionaries. Our calling is not behind the walls of “Camp Victory” but to live in and serve our community.

Martin Luther declared that a new Christian must withdraw from the world for a season, but upon reaching spiritual maturity he must embrace the world as the theater of redemptive activity. His message was, “Away with the cowards who flee from the real world and cloak their cowardice with piety.”

It goes on to state,

God never intended the Christian community to be a ghetto. The church is not a reservation. Yet the pervasive style of modern evangelicalism is that of a reservation or a ghetto. We can argue that it is the secularist agenda to put us there and keep us there. But such arguments won’t do. We are there because it is safe and comfortable to be there.

As we remember our suffering, crucified and buried Messiah this week then celebrate His triumphant victory over death, sin, and spiritual forces on Sunday, let his victory move us out. Let us invite friends and neighbors, loved-ones from every walk of our life to join us Sunday morning for gathered worship. But let it not stop there – let us open our homes, our refrigerators, and our lives to these. We live to serve and speak life-changing truth to those around us – believers and unbelievers.

“To hide the light or to restrict it to a reservation is to do violence to the gospel and to grieve the Holy Ghost.”


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