How Good is Good Friday to You?

Jonathan Dodson brings a brief challenge – for those who know what Good Friday means, for those who trust Jesus to be the leader, the forgiver, and the treasure of our lives.

Is your faith asleep? Do you rest unconsciously, not consciously, in the death of Christ? Many of us sleep to own our shame, possessing a faith of sleepy indifference to Jesus’ suffering. We desperately need a soul-awakening to the cost, merit, and person of Jesus Christ. We do not pray. We do not watch. We do not plead for deliverance from temptation.

While Jesus was weeping in the garden, we were sleeping under the tree. In one of his moments of greatest discomfort, we rested in unconscious comfort. What shame. What mercy!

If we find that our faith is asleep, what should we do? Dodson shares a brief word of hope. Won’t you take time to read this short piece, prayerfully reflect on it, and call your heart to find it’s true life? Read the article here.


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